If You Have Internetsecurity 2010, Get Expert Help Now

With most computers connected full-time to the Internet nowadays, it is easier than ever for your computer to get infected by a nasty piece of malicious software.  There are a lot of scammers out there trying to sneak their garbage onto your computer through whatever means they can.  Even a vigilant computer user can get caught by a tricky enough Trojan and InternetSecurity 2010 is one such piece of work.

It Will Sneak Onto Your Computer

InternetSecurity 2010 gets onto your computer through trickery.  It normally pretends to be a different program to trick you into installing it, but it has been reported as using a browser exploit (an error in your Internet browser that allows software to be installed) to get on many computers.  Using Firefox and keeping your browser updated can help prevent getting infected by this method.

You should also make sure you do not install any software that you are not sure is safe.  Spyware will often pretend to be a codec needed to view a video or even security software that will remove viruses.  Always check out software before installing it.

Programs Will Stop Working

Once you’ve been infected with InternetSecurity 2010 the symptoms start to show up quickly.  The malware downloads helper programs that each block a legitimate program running on your computer.  These mini-malware programs will block any security software they can along with any tool that can help to manually remove the program.  For instance, as the infection progresses your task manager will be blocked.

The task manager is used to kill processes, and can be used to stop malicious software.  It will also block the command prompt, which is a very useful tool to get at the base files that make up a Windows computer.

InternetSecurity 2010 Scares You Into Paying Up

After blocking many major programs, including any software that plays videos, the main malware will pop-up and claim that you need an upgrade or full version in order to get rid of your problems.  Because the malware mimics real security software right down to the name, you may think this is actually from the legitimate software you have installed.  Do not be fooled.  This is the true scam because the instant the thieves have your credit card number they will run up as many charges as possible.  Do not give them any information!  It will not fix your computer.  You need to concentrate on useful methods of malware removal.

Find A Legitimate AntiSpyware Program To Remove InternetSecurity 2010

Manual removal of this software is possible, but very difficult.  Because the software blocks many major programs that are used by computer techs to remove malware it is nearly impossible to remove it without special software.  Once you get rid of the main program, you still have to deal with the helper programs that block other software.  These sometimes have their own downloaders installed that will reinstall InternetSecurity 2010 if you do manage to get rid of it.  You should instead run a good legitimate antispyware program, downloaded from a trustworthy source.

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