I Want 6 Pack Abs: Free Advice To Achieve A Ripped Abdomen

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i want six pack abs

Review Summary

Arnel Ricafranca is a certified trainer and fitness coach who has developed a 16-week program to tone abs, and he has made it available for free. The Web site is clear and easy to follow, but you have to put in the effort to succeed.

Product at a Glance

This free program includes access to the official Web site, which contains a host of videos and instructions for the 16-week program as well as a 4-week “jump start” program.  This is the right track to a better body.  Regular, planned exercise regimens are of much value to those with a bit of dedication.

Product in Focus

Ricafranca’s Web site provides documentation of his own journey to recover the six-pack abs he says he had but lost during his college days. He demonstrates all of the exercises in easy to follow, sequentially arranged videos. Most of the exercises appear quite strenuous and designed for those who are already in reasonably good shape, who just want to tone their midsection. Exercise takes effort, so one should bit the bullet and work up a sweat if they want to see results.  The site contains links to the sale of Bodylastic equipment such as bands, but there is no pressure to buy anything. Joining the “club” takes only a minute as a message is sent immediately to your email. Click on the link and there you are!


16 weeks to 6 pack abs is a pretty big promise, and gaining results takes a pretty big commitment. Ricafranca holds a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science from Rowan University and is a certified physical trainer and fitness coach. He has the credentials and has arranged an easily accessible and free program. Before and after pictures of others that are posted on the Web site show some results, so we may want to credit this serious effort to help people improve their physiques.


·    Ricafranca is well qualified
·    Exercises are carefully explained and demonstrated
·    Access to Web site is free


·    Does not appear to be appropriate for out of shape people
·    Six Pack Abs require a flat stomach to begin with, so some may need to lose weight in addition to working out their abs.

Final Thoughts

Why have a free program when others are selling their videos and Web memberships? Whether it is genuine altruism or a marketing tool, Arnel Ricfranca provides a safe, structured, easy to follow program for toning that pesky abdomen. What he can’t provide is motivation. Those who can motivate themselves and have the discipline to follow this program should see gradual differences along the four month program.   The links above will direct readers to further resources on this and other programs that are available to benefit them.  Consumers update these resources regularly, so it often serves as a great tool for evaluating products and programs.

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