I Need Weight Loss Help – 2 Strategies You Can Work With

Are you one of these people that say “I need weight loss help?” I know, it’s frustrating to look in the mirror and notice a bit of extra pounds around your middle or you see a new double chin emerge out of nowhere. I do hope that this article will help guide you to some of my own tips and tricks of weight loss and getting the help you need.

I was a fairly thin girl until the age of 12, the magic number of 12. Then from that age on, I was pretty chubby. I couldn’t understand how my siblings stayed so thin and trim throughout my young life and I was not. Then when I turned 20, I found out that I had a low thyroid problem which explained a lot of my up and down weight problems. Now that I am pushing the late 40’s, I realize I have struggled all of my adult life with the extra pounds on my hips and thighs which has somehow saddened me. When you don’t feel or look good in the mirror, somehow it makes you lose self esteem. Then when you have low self esteem, then you don’t feel like trying to lose the weight. It is a vicious circle. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.

It was just about 6 months ago that I found out that I am borderline diabetic. It was such a wake up call for me that I decided right then and there, that I was to change my ways and stop the vicious cycle of my weight problem. I was now forced to do something about it. I wasn’t going to become a diabetic.

I read and researched everything I could on cutting out sugar, cutting back on calories, less fat, less carbs and the list goes on. I came to the conclusion from all of my research that I just needed to eat less and exercise more. You probably don’t want to hear those words but its true…eat less and exercise more. It’s so simple and yet so hard at the same time. When you become a diabetic, it’s not the calories you watch or the fat that you keep a check on, it the wonderful world of watching your total carbohydrate intake. The carbs are what elevates your blood sugar and that is a no no. I have learned to study the labels on all of the food products I buy. It’s been a great learning experience because now for the first time in my life I can say that I am gradually losing weight and feeling 100 percent better. So now in place of a candy bar, I reach for a celery stick with peanut butter and I’m satisfied. I walk 10-15 minutes on the treadmill each day. I’ve started out slow on each little change and remarkably I have lost 9 pounds in 2 months. It’s also by replacing some of your more high calorie, high glycemic index foods during the day to low glycemic food. This will do a world of good for you and your body. I will continue my quest to lose 21 pounds and be fit as a fiddle. I challenge you to do the same. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.