I Did Not Get A Title For My Boat And Motor

Well  one of my family members give me this little boat they are to old to take it out but it never had a title.  Well I sure would like to put it on the water but I don’t have a title.
Sure would like to go fishing this year but I just better not take it out what if I get caught with no tag then what.  What a hasle this is gonna be.  Well maybe i can put it out on my friends pond and then I won’t have to worry about it.

Hey you know I bought the neatest boat, it sure is a sharp running boat and it had a pair of skiis down in it and the man was so nice he left all the life jackets there and some other real nice stuff.  He told me he would send the title to me in about a week or two he could not find it right now and he would go get another one for me.

Does this sound about right and now you are all anxious to put this boat in the water and ride but no title to get it taged. Hum what to do next.  The tag agency would not tell me anything about the boat it is against the law to release information about someone other than the person than ownes the boat and they just don’t buy my story. well now what. Boy I sure would like to go out in it today it really is nice weather outside today beat i could catch some fish and play in the water sure wished i could get this tagged somehow.  If I only knew it was gonna be this much trouble I think I would have waited  on the purchase of this one but it sure is a beauty and sure was a good price for the money.  But now what do i do I cain’t get a tag to put it on the water.

The first thing to be aware of is to always in the state of oklahoma to get a bill of sale and get it notarized and if you get lucky and the boat does belong to the person that is selling it you can take it to the tag agency and get a title and tag the boat.

If you did not get a title  then the only alternative you have is to file a title 42 and you are suppose to have the boat for at least 30 days before you can file.

If this is your situation may I suggest that you come to my office at www.needatitleokc.com and visit and I will be happy to help you get a tiltle and tag for your boat and motor if it is an outboard over 15 horse you have to have a title for it to.  This process can take from 4 weeks to 8 weeks according to the process that I would have to do so why not get started today so you can get that boat in the water.

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