Last winter when the economy was in the sh*tter and i was unemployed and i thought things couldn’t get any worse.  Thats when the bank sent us the letter saying we had to be out of our home in no longer then 6 months.  When i got this news the first thing I did was try to find another place for me and my wife to live.  Since our credit was so bad no bank would give us a lone to buy another home and I began to think we would inevitably end up on the streets.

Much to my surprise i came across a website claiming to have plans for a house in which i could build myself, transport, and would only cost me $20,000-$30,000.  This seemed almost too good to be true especially because that was the almost exact amount i got when i sold my two coveted mustangs to ensure my wife and I would have a place to live.

I bought the”small house book” and continued reading and I started to see how this could work for us.  I began construction only a week after buying the plans.  They were so easy to understand I had very few hinges and hangups while building the house.  with a couple of my friends helping me it only took a couple months and i am proud to say that I found a construction job pretty much using my house as a resume before the bank took my original home so now i have my full sized house and my “back-up” house in case anything does happen to mine.

If anyone is interested in building there own home for economic reasons, for an “in-laws” quarters, or just for fun I highly recommend this site.  Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

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