Hypothyroidism Weight Loss – 6 Tips For Success

If you are one of the 10 million plus people suffering from an under active thyroid you’ve probably wondered if there is a hypothyroidism weight loss strategy that actually works. Sufferers of this condition have a slower metabolism, which makes it much easier to put weight on and harder to take it off. While there are no “instant” hypothyroidism weight loss fixes, there are long-term strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off. We have many more Weight Loss Articles Now Available.

Here are six hypothyroidism weight loss tips to help you on your journey…

Tip #1 – Avoid high fat – high carb foods

While you don’t want to cut carbs and fats out of your diet completely, it’s important that you limit your intake of certain foods. Since hypothyroidism sufferers put on weight so easily, it doesn’t take that many bad diet decisions to pack on extra pounds. The important thing is to keep your diet for hypothyroidism balanced, focus on the good things like fiber rich foods and eliminate the over processed junk that is so prevalent in our society today.

Tip #2 – Be consistent with your meals

You will want to increase the number of times that you eat each day to around 6 small portion meals. Set yourself up with a meal schedule and stick to it. This will help keep your metabolism moving which will assist in your hypothyroidism weight loss goals. Of course this might sound complicated at first (6 meals seems like a lot) but if you plan it out ahead of time you will find that it’s really not that hard.

Tip #3 – Stay moving

Being inactive is bad for everyone’s health but its extremely brutal for people with symptoms of hypothyroidism. When you get up in the morning, go for a quick walk to stimulate your metabolism. You should also find little things you can do throughout the day to raise your heart rate a bit and get your body moving.

Tip #4 – Stay hydrated

Most people simply do not drink enough water on a daily basis. This is a tricky one because many hypothyroidism weight loss seekers are drinking plenty of fluids but they consist of high caloric juices and sodas. Try cutting out these high sugar concoctions and replace them with at least 12 glasses of water throughout the day.

Tip #5 – Create a Plan

One important aspect of learning how to lose weight with hypothyroidism is to create a proper diet plan. Planning does wonders and will increase your weight loss results exponentially. Be consistent and don’t fall for the old yo-yo diet problems that most people face. These are doubly harmful for under active thyroid patients and can actually slow down the metabolism even more. Just remember that doing the right things over and over is the best strategy for long-term hypothyroidism weight loss.

Tip #6 – Detox your body

As we age, toxins and sludge build up inside our body slowing down the ability to live a healthy life. The best way to combat this is to detox your body every so often. There are several all natural detox programs available that can get you cleaned out and make the weight loss process much easier to accomplish.

In closing, hypothyroidism weight loss might seem like an uphill battle at first but the important thing is to not lose faith or give up. Avoid crash diets because they will end up hurting more than helping. Slow and steady wins the race and overall health and wellness needs to be to be a lifestyle change instead of a short-term diet. We have many more Weight Loss Articles Now Available.