How Your Spouses Credit Score Can Affect You

Although bad credit isn’t contagious married couples will sooner or later feel the affects of a spouses less then perfect credit score. The problem with this is that if one person has a good credit score and the other has a low score, all credit based financial decisions will lie on the person with higher credit score. Many couples are choosing to put all credit based applications on the person with the highest credit score simply because they will be approved with better interest rates. This has proved to be a strain on relationships after your spouse becomes tired off having all of the financial responsibilities in their name. In addition the loan amounts given can be lower if you solely apply for credit since they are only considering your income.

Some ways couples choose to deal with this issue is by jointly applying for credit. This often leads to higher interest rates the couple has to pay or not being approved at all. However at the same time this may help build the spouses credit score, given they pay their bills on time. The best resolution to this problem would be to repair your spouses credit. This is sure to be the most worthwhile solution to this common problem. Once your spouses credit score is corrected it would work out much better in jointly applying for credit. For example Mortgages would be more assessable because both your incomes would be considered for the loan and would allow the couple to receive a larger loan.

Many couples overlook the quality of their partners credit before getting married, but they soon they realize how much this will impact the couple in future purchases. Its important for couples to compare each others credit reports and repair them if necessary prior to committing to large purchases. This will ensure optimum Interest rates. Saving the couple a lot of money in the process.

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