How To Write A Resume For A Staff Accountant

Are you an experienced staff accountant looking to write or improve your resume or just starting your career and need a resume for your new job search or summer internship? This resume tutorial will give you useful advice and sample resume sentences to help you put your resume together.

First, you need to communicate your objective. It could be a typical “Objective” category that reads something like this: “Seeking to secure a position as a staff accountant.”

Better yet, you should use an “Objective Statement” that prominently states the position you are seeking such as STAFF ACCOUNTANT.

If you are looking for your first staff accountant position, you can add a short blurb on the line above such as “Position of Interest” or “Seeking the following position” in plain text so it does not compete with the objective statement, which should be centered, all caps, about 15 point font size, and bold so the reader sees it immediately.

The next category should be your Summary of Qualifications category. You can introduce this important part of your resume with a statement instead of using a Summary of Qualifications heading. This statement can read something like this: Seeking to secure a position as a staff accountant offering the following qualifications:

The first line of your Summary of Qualifications section should indicate your years of experience in a given field. The rest should continue outlining your qualifications such as educational credentials, specialized knowledge, and technical skills. You can include a line about your attributes, but do not make it the focus. Hard facts are more important. Here is how these sections should read:

Eight years of accomplished experience in the field of accounting.

* Bachelor’s degree in Accounting; minor in International Finance.

* Experience in GAAP Accounting and monthly closing processes.

* Four years of general accounting staff supervision.

* Technically astute with solid analytical and problem solving skills.

If you have a lot of experience, you can call the experience category “Professional Experience,” but if you are just starting out, it might be best to call this category “Work History.” Depending on your experience or number of jobs held, the following should help you to think about the areas of your job function that should be covered in your staff accountant resume:

* Manage Accounting Department reporting directly to Controller.

* Prepare consolidated financial statements and SEC reports.

* Conduct audits across health care and technology industries.

* Instituted a financial reporting system that met GAAP standards.

* Established financial applications for MAS90 mainframe system.

* Performed account reconciliations and general ledger entries.

* Improved processes in relation to internal audits compliance.

* Posted to General Ledger accounts and performed cash flow analysis.

* Monitored proper controls and systems to effectively manage inventory levels.

* Prepared monthly financial statements and reports (variance analysis and sales).

* Ensured tax, legal and company compliance with payroll issues.

* Analyzed business performance to maximize operations.

* Maintained weekly cash flow management and reporting activities.

* Prepared reports, budgets, payroll, sales taxes.

* Issued invoices, purchase orders and shipping charges.

Following your experience section, you should list your education, accounting credentials, and computer skills. For visual appeal, consider adding a border around your resume if it is one page and choose Verdana pt. 10 for your font for a neat, clean look.

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