How to write a pastor resume

All of us know that a resume is a self created application for a job. It is a brief document which points out the individual’s experience, education, and skills, in the hopes of securing a job interview. It is that important piece of paper that can build your career and enable you to secure the job of your choice. However, with employers receiving hundreds of resumes you must make sure that your resume hooks an employer’s attention within a 5-second glance!

Writing a resume for a Pastor is quite different form the usual ones because Churches employ people on a different basis than business. So, your “standard resume” format is not going to work here! Churches are looking forward to “see you as a person and to hear your experiences with life and God” than merely looking at your qualifications or credentials. So, writing a resume to become a Pastor/associate pastor can be quite different from writing other resumes.

Of course, you need to follow the standard resume writing format and include all the necessary information such as name, qualification, experiences, contact number, date of birth, marital status, and your skills in an orderly pattern. Now, make sure that you include terms such as Personal testimony (how you came to Christ), Philosophy of Ministry (how did you understand pastorate and why did you like it) and the Doctrinal Statement as well.

You may include information about your Spiritual journey, Spiritual foundations and Personal sketch as well. It is also important to include your references because references are one more way to show your connections. Note that churches often hire connections and networks as much as individuals, so you need to list down at least 5-6 references for making a good impression.

Your experiences with life and Christ matter a lot while writing this resume. Include information about how old you were when you became interested in attending church, and whether or not it was due to your family’s influence. Another important thing that you might include in your resume is why want you want to be involved with the ministry. It is also important to list your perspectives or views about the ministry. Tell the Church that how should the Pastors function? For example, apart from their normal duty what other activities can they carry out (like teaching, train other pastors for future).

A Pastor plays an important role in guiding people and bringing them close to Christ. Hence, your resume must state that you are in love with God and you want everyone to know about the message of God. This is not something that you need to be told-it is something that should come straight from your heart!

Well, above are some beneficial/helpful tips which you can use for writing a resume for a pastor. I hope that you will like the above suggestions and implement them while writing your resume!

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