How to write a customer service resume

A resume is the single most important step in getting you a job of your choice. It includes the careful/intelligent illustration of your skills, job experience and educational qualifications. Customer service is a field, in which you have to directly handle customer complaints, resolve their problems and get business from them. So, you need to have great marketing and convincing skills for being a pioneer in this field and your resume should exactly state that!

The commonest mistake that most of the Customer Service representatives make is that they undermine their achievements/ accomplishments. The first step towards writing an effective Customer service resume is to organize it- by writing your name, address, educational background, job experience and positive skills. Proper organization will give a neat and professional look to the resume. Make sure that your resume does not exceed 2 pages or more. No employer likes to go through pages and pages of a resume with descriptions and other stuff taking up too much of his time. Keep your resume straightforward and focused.

Now, the next step is to write a catchy/impressive resume objective. Remember, many companies place one ad and literally receive hundreds of resumes in response. So, your resume objective will make you stand apart from the rest and enable you to get a call for the interview. Your resume objective should state the position that you are applying for, your job experience and skills which will eventually benefit the company (you are applying for). While writing the resume objective you may take hints from the keywords found in the advertisement as this will denote that you have paid attention to the requirements of the company.

Don’t hide behind the job title. Detail your accomplishments so the employer understands the duties you performed. You need to let the company know that you have worked in this position before and that you have handled issues related to the job with utmost confidence and expertise. Think from the employer’s point of view and highlight the qualities which the employer would want to be present in any candidate- this is the right attitude towards writing a successful resume.

Include any extra experience. Customer service is all about having good communication skills so that you can deal properly with public. If you have any extra experience that will help you perform well in the customer service field, such as you have attended public speaking classes or done volunteer work in which you dealt with people from diverse backgrounds, then include this information in your resume. It will give a good impression to your prospective employer.

So, follow the above tips and write an impressive resume. After all, your resume is the only hope of getting you a good job or the job of your choice. Let your resume speak for you and hope for the best!

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