How To View Credit Report History Online

Did you know you can go online right now and view credit report information for your name? All you need is your social security number and answers to a few personal questions from your past, and you can see everything lenders and creditors see when they view your credit, plus more! Today, your handshake means nothing and your credit means everything. That is why you need to protect you name.

The mistakes that can be on your credit report right now may surprise you. Some people find that there are even alias names attached to their reports which are not legal names they have ever gone by. This happens when a creditor or debt collector makes a report under your social security number but gets your name wrong. This associates that name with your real name and your only recourse is to catch the mistake and dispute the alias.

You can also dispute any creditors or flaws that may be on your report wrongfully. Most people believe everything is done electronically these days and machines don’t make mistakes, but there are still humans on the other end of those machines. Mistakes are made every single day and the only way you will know about them is to go online and view your credit report.

The first thing to learn is that everyone is allowed to view their credit report from all three reporting agencies once a year, completely free of charge. This is the law. There are many resources online that allow you do this, but you have to decide whether you want to view them all at one time or look at them one at a time throughout the year.

There is a flaw in both of these methods. If you only look at one report every four months, you may miss something that appears on only one report but not the others. It is very common for some businesses or collection agencies only to report to one or two of the agencies.

If you check them all three once a year, you leave your most vital information unmonitored for a year at a time. This is not safe.

Is there a reasonable solution? You don’t want to continually pay to view your credit report, so the best way to fix this issue is to sign up for a service that will give constant access to all of your information for a very small fee. You may even want to sign up for services that will watch your accounts closely and notify you in the event someone pulls your credit or tries to use your name or social security number.

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