How to verify a check through a bank or verify a check with a service

In today’s world, it is very difficult to verify a check. Finding the proper number to call can be a real chore.   

Although banks are under no obligation to verify an account or verify funds on any check drawn on their bank, there is a new 900 number, 1-900-868-2995 that allows you to verify checks and get the bank’s information with one call for $5.

For an individual, you need only a land line phone to call.

To get additional information on the service see the check verification line website:  Using the number, anyone can get the bank name and bank phone number with the 9 digit routing number at the bottom of the check.  The database is updated every banking day.

For business, you have another option. For nearly 9 out of 10 bank accounts in the U.S. businesses can verify checks in real-time when they establish a merchant verification account with a verification network like BetterCheck.

For companies taking several checks per day, or who do monthly check billing via check draft or ACH where you may bill dozens or thousands of customers monthly, there is a system that will verify checks and drastically reduce bounce rates.

Verify a check is real, that the routing number and account number are open and active at that bank, and that there is a positive balance in the account. Check for NSF, Stop Payment, Uncollected Funds, and many other status codes.

Businesses that use BetterCheck must be verified, and use of the system must be for legitimate business purposes.  Users must agree to the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and must not use the system as the only reason to base the decision of approval or decline.

What does that all mean? It means it is not a check guarantee service and that it is designed to drastically reduce the number of bad checks deposited, and not to tell if any one particular item is absolutely going to clear.

BetterCheck cannot tell how much money is in an account, nor can it hold funds aside. The system is designed to significantly reduce the number of invalid items deposited to bring down bounce rates.

The BetterCheck system will pay for itself if used properly by any business.


Individuals and business alike can benefit from RoutingTool to verify a check is real, get the bank name, bank phone number and then call the bank to verify the check.  This tool is free and can be used by anyone.  A professional version and private use database are also offered at the RoutingTool site.

Businesses doing a regular volume of check transactions, or monthly billing can benefit from BetterCheck by signing up for the service.  Once a user, you can verify a check is real, the account is open and active at the time and check for stop payment, uncollected funds and other status codes. 

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