How To Use Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Ice fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing in society today. There are many individuals who go for the ocean fishing, just for fun fishing, and then there are those fish anglers who have the determination of ice fishing. Ice fishing isn’t exactly as easy as it looks and there’s a lot of preparation that goes into ice fishing too. Not to mention that as the weather changes, adjustments have to be made by the individual as well.

This also goes with the territory of ice fishing tip ups. Some people have no idea what ice fishing tip ups are or understand what they are used for. Ice fishing tip ups are a special type of fishing line. Most of the tip ups that can essentially be purchased today are exceptionally durable and long lasting.

Obviously, if an individual is going to be ice fishing, the last thing the fisherman wants is for the fishing line to freeze up and break while there’s a big walleye at the other end of the line. So, ice fishing tip ups is a unique form of fishing line that allows better use when an individual is going to be fishing in freezing waters.

Using the tip ups is actually easy in the sense that you put it on your fishing reel just as you would normal weight fishing line. However, it isn’t the normal or average style of fishing line individuals are used to. The material used in making the tip ups is completely different than fishing line used in a different atmosphere.

For example, most fishing tip ups are coated with a vinyl coating and will not freeze. The line will not freeze on the reel or absorb water either.Different types of fishing tip ups are offered in the fishing tackle industry today. There are several pound test weight fishing tip ups an individual can choose from as well as spool sizes. In fact, some fishing tips up spools are available in 1500-foot spools.

The horizontal stick sets and spools that are designed as the ice fishing tip ups are used by holding the line set in the water and under the ice to keep the spool from freezing. A trigger usually made of wire has a flag attached to it and holds the tip ups down until a fish bites. This releases the spring wire somewhat like a mouse trap and the flag pops up letting the ice fisherman know that there is a fish on the line.
Also, in ice fishing tip ups if a fish decides it wants to run after taking the bait it will feel the resistance. Using ice fishing tip ups in setups like this are good for a variety of ice fishing.

Another setup in using the tip ups for ice fishing is by tying a hook at the end of the line and then placing a small split shot weight about a foot above the hook. However, only use enough weight to take your bait to the depth you want to be ice fishing at.

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