How to Uninstall Protection Center – Delete This Spyware Easily

Protection Center is the latest in the line of awful spyware infections, following in the footsteps of its brothers Data Protection and Digital Protection. Once infected, you’ll be harassed with annoying pop-ups and warnings about fake threats such as “websearch.win32.” What’s important is that you do not purchase a ‘full version’ of this software. All it wants to do is bog down your system and steal your credit card number. We have to get rid of Protection Center and protect ourselves from identity theft and other maladies.

To remove Protection Center involves more work than simply hitting the add/remove button in our system tools. A virus like this one makes running such programs nearly impossible, but don’t throw your PC out the window just yet.

We can delete viruses like this one either manually or automatically. To uninstall protection center manually involves digging into our system’s registry and stopping processes cntprot.exe and uninstall.exe. We will then need to locate the infected files in our HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder. A full listing can be found on my website. We will then have to remove the tainted DLL files and system files, and block all related websites.

Please note that beginners should not try to manually delete protection center, as a single error can result in a paperweight for a computer, and costly technician fees. 
What I recommend to beginners and advanced users alike is to trust an automatic removal. Not only will automatic removal scan out every piece of malware on your computer, but will also protect you in the future against the new strains of this virus and others.

Are you tired of spyware destroying your PC? Get a Protection Center removal and tell the hackers to back off!

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