How To Type A Resume For Employers

Copyright 2005 by David Green

Learning how to type a resume may feel like a daunting task.
Even the most affluent writers have asked themselves, how to
type a mind-blowing resume. Follow the tips in this article, and
you will find the answers on how to type an outstanding resume.

First, your resume must be computer printed. The days of the
almighty pen or grandma’s typewriter are behind us. No more
carriage returns with the dinging bell.

You should always use black ink throughout. It is the most
professional, and helps if your resume is going to be copied by
your perspective employer.

Today’s computers come with several different fonts from which
you can choose. However, when typing your resume, you want to
stick with the traditional Times New Roman. Also acceptable are
Courier, Verdana, Ariel and Monaco. Try to avoid italics and
underlines, as these are difficult to scan into a database.

When typing your resume for employers, you want to use the
optimal font size. It is best to use the popular size of either
10 to 12 point. For the heading, 11 to 14 point in bold type is
the best. However, for the body of the resume, you will want to
stick with the 10 or 12 point, and avoid using bold in the body
as well.

You will want to either use a laser or bubble jet printer. You
can print out several copies of your resume, and each one will
be as clear as the first. You do not want to use a copy machine,
as the letters could be faded. The clearer the resume is, the
easier it is on the reader’s eyes, and the more professional
your image will be. Also, forget the old dot matrix printer. You
don’t want an outdated printer to represent you as being
outdated. At the very least, you will want to show that you know
how to type a resume.

Do not overlook the importance of the paper that you will use to
type your perfect resume. You do not want your resume to shout,
“Neon green is my favorite color!” You must always use white or
ivory paper, with a matching envelope.

The most professional paper you can choose is at least a 20 lb.
bond that is non-erasable. Remember, you want the whole package
to scream, “Professional!” Keep the paper and corresponding
envelope clean, crisp and wrinkle free.

As for margins, use the standard 1″ on the top and bottom, with
1.25″ margins on both the left and right sides.

Double space between your paragraphs and keep it short.
Employers want to see a concise and to the point resume.
Remember, you are not writing your memoirs, but you are selling
yourself, making your first impression. Like the old cliché,
“First impressions last a lifetime.” Now that you know how to
type a resume, you can find a lifetime job

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