How To Treat Acid Reflux With Cardio Exercise and Proper Sleep

If you are looking for information on how to treat acid reflux this article may help you. A well regulated lifestyle is an effective way to treat acid reflux. On the one hand, it means an overhaul of our daily routine including exercise and sleep regimens or posture. But one must always keep in mind that even things that are not strictly physical in nature might have a profound effect on our body. One’s mental condition has a significant relation to one’s physical.

Simple Cardio Exercises

An acid reflux patient does not need an elaborate workout schedule. Simple cardio exercises to strengthen stomach muscles suffice. In case you are overweight, you need to take care of that. Also incorporate small bits of exercise into your everyday routine. For example, take a stroll after meals, especially dinner. This takes care of many things. Firstly, it prevents the all too common bad habit of going to sleep right after a meal. Sleeping on a full stomach is harmful. Secondly, full blown exercise on a full stomach is bad too. Hence, the casual stroll. Actually, if you have Gastroesophageal reflux disease, avoid going to sleep before two to three hours of having a meal. If you could engage in some light sports too, that would be even better.

Proper Sleep

A proper sleep schedule is also equally vital. Make sure you get regular and sufficient sleep hours every day. For GERD patients, it is recommended that they elevate the head of their bed by at least six to eight inches. This can be done by getting beds with elevate features or just by placing something underneath like pillows or mattresses. This elevation makes sure that there is no backflow of acids into the esophagus. It has also been found that sleeping on the left side provides relief from acid reflux.

Kick The Stress

Another thing you want to totally avoid is stress. Unlikely as it may seem, the digestive system is seriously affected by it. The digestion takes more and more time to progress. This means the partially digested food spends more time in the stomach, thus clearly increasing the incidence of acid reflux. This is because under stress, the body sends more energy to the muscles as a coping mechanism. This means that the digestive process takes the hit. Here again, you do not need extensive counseling. Just try a simple peace of mind procedure like meditation, try not to control everything, let some things go and most importantly, maintain an optimistic attitude. If you’re serious about learning how to treat acid reflux then you will want to avoid stress at all costs.

Overall, as one can see, an acid reflux patient does not necessarily need elaborate treatment. However, discipline and regularity are crucial. This not only means that you make the right changes and choices, it more importantly means that you need to stick to them. Following regimens for a week will not help. Discipline should be incorporated in your lifestyle. I hope this info on how to treat acid reflux was helpful.