How To Switch Yahoo Mail Between Rich Text and Plain Text?

Yahoo Mail supports both rich text (HTML) and plain text for email composition. Both the methods have their own benefits. But, if you wish to use stylish text, inline images then your email need to be HTML based. When you select rich text option for email draft then you can switch between fonts, insert images, and style changes from the menu bar. Rich text and plain text have their own advantages. But, the users love using rich text mode for composing email messages. Change the email draft from plain text to rich text for creating an HTML-based email in Yahoo Mail. You can later change the rich text mode to plain text easily in future.

Check the steps below to switch Yahoo Mail between rich text and plain text. These steps are safe to follow. For any kind of assistance the user can dial the Yahoo contact number Australia.

• Step 1: Sign-in to Yahoo Mail and click DRAFTS. Now, double click the saved email messages to resume composition mode. Click “Compose Message” or press “N” on keyboard, if you have not begun composing the email message.

• Step 2: Fill message details such as recipients and subject. In the subject box, click “Switch to Rich Text”. A menu bar will appear with options for HTML emails, font types, styles, hyperlinks and images.

• Step 3: Type message and insert additional text and images by using menu bar. Click the send button on the draft window to send the HTML email.

Rich text and plain text have their own advantages. But, the users feel using rich text easier as there’s not much confusion. Moreover, the email text body can be modified in rich text mode. The user can anytime switch from rich text to plain text as desired. In a situation, where the user cannot switch from plain text to rich text or vice versa then Yahoo tech support number is the solution.

Yahoo support Australia specializes in providing technical assistance services to YahooMail account holders, who face problems in accessing email options. The tech support team assists the users on phone. A troubled user needs to dial Yahoo support helpline number to receive quick help. Get quick assistance from the professionals for any critical or typical email problem. It’s guaranteed that the technicians will provide result oriented solutions without any time delay.

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