How To Stay fit in College: The Realest Fitness Guide

Ah college! The land of endless partying, all nighters with pre-exam day cramming sessions, building dioramas for asinine projects, endless drinking nights and some of the best times of one’s life. Now if a college student says, they do not have time to exercise then it is understandable.

Also, in college affording the subscription to that upscale gym to workout with the models is a little hard to manage. Since students are always pressed for time and money. That is why we put our research hats on to find the best fitness tips for college students which will not only help them to start working out, but also make them stick to the fitness regime.

Before we get on with our fitness guide, let us clarify that by all means the fitness requirements for students may vary depending on their personal situation. So, if you have individual body image or fitness goals along with the aspect of managing your relationship with exercise then we recommend you consult professional fitness experts or psychiatrists or physicians.

Now let us get started… put that workout music on!

1. Before you start with it, get your fitness goals set right.

Do not make unrealistic fitness goals. Set your priorities right, do you want to lose weight, get slimmer or be able to run more than a mile? Then know what you want and work towards achieving it. Realizing exactly what you must achieve with exercises will help to keep you motivated and not get frustrated.

But also it is important to know that your health or weight loss goals are realistic and healthy. College can be a hostile place for women to get caught up in the narrow group mindset of being overly critical of their bodies.

2. Don’t think of working out as a chore that will suck up all your free time, instead think of it as a positive addition to your daily life.

Do not consider exercising as an activity that will eat away all your free time which you could spend watching the latest episodes of sitcoms, studying, socializing or better still sleeping! Instead think of it as this fun new exciting act that will give a boost of energy rendering you happy and productive, because it actually can do so.

3. Do not go overboard, start with short exercising regimes, you already have a lot on your plate as you are in COLLEGE!

As per fitness experts one must exercise for at least 15 to 30 minutes for 3 days a week. And as an ideal workout regime one must exercise for 1 hour for at most 4 to 5 hours a day which is enough for most people. It is best to start out with the small ones so that you do not burn yourself out.

4. Schedule your workout sessions like a class but do not stress over it like one – easy does it!

It is best to affix the time for working out at a particular time of the day everyday like a class. That way you can treat it with a similar sincerity and stick to actually attending the gym. Also plan wisely so that it fits your school schedule perfectly.

5. Never crash diet

Instead of doing a crash diet when you feel your pants tugging too tightly to your waist, try keeping tabs on your eating proportions. Learn about the right proportion of food for different meal types that fits you right and avoid overeating to beat stress.

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