How to Sell a Domain Name

On the internet domain names can be the source of many fortunes. A simple $10 domain name can command a price of hundreds of thousands of dollars it just depends on what popular. A question many people have about how to sell a domain name.

To find a valuable domain name you’ll need to be creative and scour the registrars for long periods of time usually. If you come across a good domain name there are several things you can do to sell it for a higher price. However in this business, much like real estate, you’ll need to be patient and let your property sit and gain value. There are plenty more Home Business Help Articles Now Available.

There are things you can do to sell your domain. One way to sell it faster but for less money is to partner with a site like GoDaddy and they’ll display it on their premium names list whenever someone searches for the same or a similar domain name. Of course they’ll want a piece of the sale price but you still get your domain out there for people to see. You can Register Domain Names For under $10 at

Another option is to throw up a page on the domain explaining that you want to sell it and then provide a phone number for people to call. This is definitely the cheapest but it certainly could pay off in the long run, and I mean long run. If you don’t do any kind of marketing you could expect to wait years before you’re approached by anyone to buy the domain.

In my opinion buying and selling domain names is one of riskier ways to make money online. There are other options where you have much more control of the outcome of the venture. However It could pay off for you if you dedicated your time to learning how to sell a domain name. There are plenty more Home Business Help Articles Now Available.