How to Removei Antivirus Live – Uninstall Antivrus Live, it’s Deadly!

Antivirus Live, yet another rogue antivirus program, a fake spyware removal tool that secretly infects your computer and attempts to trick you into purchasing a full version of protection software that does nothing. It’s a cousin of some other terrible fake spyware programs, Antivirus System PRO and Spyware Protect 2009. This virus is unique in that it will hijack Internet Exploerr and change your LAN settings. You will receive errors such as “Application can not be executed” when you try to launch applications. This software is menacing and it must be stopped.

Antivirus Live is infecting thousands of unfortunate users every day. This malware uses security exploits and access through Trojans to enter itself into your hard drive. You may see the message “Your System is Infected” on your desktop background, in taskbar messages, and pop-up warnings.

Does your computer display any of these problems? You are probably infected:

* Slow startup speeds, slow operating speeds, slow browsing speeds

* Unfamiliar background graphic and program icons

* Annoying, never-ending pop-ups

* Blue Screen of Death

These are indications that something is wrong. Antivirus Live is the culprit. So how can we wipe this off our system before it causes certain chaos?

First, there’s the manual method. This involves inspecting your registry files in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER folder, and carefully deleting all registry files associated with this particular virus. You may find registry files strangely misnamed or with strangely larger file sizes. You would then follow the removal of these files with a deletion of all exe files associated with the virus, found in your program files folder. I do NOT recommend that average or beginner users attempt a manual deletion. Manual removal is extremely dangerous because one wrong error can render your computer into a paperweight.

Get Rid of the Virus in the Next 10 Minutes: The most efficient way to remove this virus without the headache is an automatic deletion. I prefer Spyware Doctor, winner of PC Magazine’s 2010 Editor’s Choice Award. It’s very user friendly which I like, and the customer support is fast. It helps you get rid of Antivirus Live. I’ve never had any issues. It also protects against the next wave of viruses to hit the internet, which I feel is extremely important.

Are you sick and tired of worrying about viruses like Antivirus Live deleting your personal files and stealing your passwords? Head over to my site, download a scanner and remove Antivirus Live.

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