How to Remove Windows Guard Pro – Uninstall ‘Windows Guard Pro’ Quickly & Easily

Windows Guard Pro is a  spyware scanner that appears as if it could be official Microsoft software. It’s not. It’s a fake spyware scanner that illegally uses the Microsoft name in its attempt to steal credit cards and corrupt computers. This software is similar to the Windows System Suite spyware and Windows Protection Suite spyware. It claims to remove spyware, but the only thing it will remove is your credit card number and possibly steal your identity. You must remove this infection from your computer!

How Do I Know I’m Infected?

This particular virus will slow down your system as it bloats your computer and attacks your system processes. It will redirect your internet activity to sites of it’s choosing, normally trying to scare you into purchasing the fake software. It will also terrorize you with pop-up ads and may corrupt your music, videos, and photos.

How Do I Get Rid of Windows Guard Pro?

Deleting this fake software isn’t easy. It will be impossible to simply ‘add/remove’. Manual deletion will take hours and has no guarantees. To manually remove the virus you will be forced to edit highly volatile system registry files in your HKEY_LOCAL_USER folder, block all associated system processes, and block all related websites. It’s not fool-proof, and even if you manually delete 99{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the virus, the little pieces that you miss can replicate and re-install the virus at your next restart.

What’s the FASTEST Way to get rid of this virus?

The fastest and safest way to get rid of Windows Guard is automatic removal. There are three tools in particular that I use and that I suggest to my friends and colleagues. All 3 will get rid of this particular virus and will show you exactly what else is hiding in your system and where. Manual removal is too time consuming and too risky. Automatic removal is the way to go.

Are you sick and tired of letting viruses like this one steal away your productivity and peace of mind? Get a Windows Guard Pro Removal today and stop the pop-ups and re-installs! Keep your family safe!

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