How to Remove Widgi Toolbar Virus

If you’ve recently installed software on your computer you may notice your computer slowing down a bit. It is usually a case of Widgi Toolbar Virus being stored in that software. Your immediate thoughts are to uninstall the program which had the Widgi Toolbar Virus and that will do the trick.

What happens a lot of times when we ask ourselves how to remove Widgi Toolbar Virus we forget to realize that it was created by someone slick and who knows a thing or two about computers and the internet in general making it very difficult to remove. If you can remove it, bits and pieces of the Widgi Toolbar Virus can still be stored on your computer, in windows or somewhere on your hard drive where you can’t detect it, slowing your computer down.

If you’re like me and not fully computer literate, you need to get a program that was designed to remove Widgi Toolbar Virus. As you can see removing Widgi Toolbar Virus is not a simple task. A simple Google search for how to remove Widgi Toolbar Virus will pull up a ton of results. Now you’re stuck sorting through all these pages and pages of information and it’s enough to give you information overload.

One of the best things is to add the word review when searching for how to remove Widgi Toolbar Virus and try something that has been around for a while. Also make sure the software you purchase has automatic updates because tens and hundreds of AdWare, Spyware and viruses are created daily.

In general I would stay away from free AdWare and Spyware products because they tend to be free because they include advertising which is putting even more AdWare on your computer. Although most will give you a free scan to see if it is even AdWare infecting your computer.

Think your PC may be infected with Widgi Toolbar Virus? Manual instruction is as following:

The registry entries you need to delete:


KEY_CLASSES_ROOTInterface{C3ABD5A3-E699-4B9F-97FF-25B121A41276 “(Default)” = “IWidgiBHO”

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTInterface{2DC9C611-D7C2-42A3-9312-BFF512812022} “(Default)” = “IWidgiToolbarHost”

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