How to Remove Viruses?

How to remove viruses? As for this problem, it is sure that most people have searched out a lot of solutions by Google, but some of which can hardly reach the key point.

When encountering some parasitic viruses in Browser Process or System Service Process, antivirus software usually can not remove them completely. These virus infections exist in process as parasites. Antivirus software can not thoroughly end the key process of the system when trying to remove the viruses. Meanwhile, viruses monitor the system registry while running, and will restore themselves once they notice their registered information in system registry is damaged, so that your operation to the registry will take no effect, and can’t clean up these viruses.

The following is a good method on how to remove viruses – the most effective method to remove viruses:

This method is very effective to the viruses that download and send information in the background, but is a little bit difficult in solving the worms that infect exe files.

First of all, please clean the files in the following directories:

C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemp   (Administrator can be your user name to login the Windows)


C:WINDOWSDownloaded Program Files

The three directories above are common locations where Downloader Trojans always exist.

Then, according to the report from antivirus, find out the names of dll infections downloaded. Then, you can remove the infections files directly. Then, check the Registry, and remove all Registry Keys related to the names of viruses.

The following Registry Keys are locations where viruses always compromise:





Remember to restart up your computer. With the protection of antivirus software, it is not easy for viruses to infect your system.

Actually, it is a tough job to remove viruses. Although there are many solutions on how to remove viruses, including the automatic removal with your antispyware software and the manual removal by yourself, as the viruses infections are various and changeable, only an up-to-date antispyware or a skillful manual performance can the viruses be removed completely and effectively. 

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