How To Remove Virus From Computer

Computer Viruses – Probably there would be no computer user who would not be aware of such terms. Computer Viruses are harmful programs, which put negative impact on computer, when run or installed. Since, these programs put the same impact on computers how fatal microbes (viruses) put on living beings, these are widely known as computer viruses.

These malicious programs are very dangerous for health of PC. Hence, it becomes very important to remove virus from computer regularly. In this article, we have provided detailed information on virus removal to help you in keeping your computer running smoothly.

How can you get that your computer is virus infected?

If your PC is supporting any of following symptoms, it is likely to be infected by viruses –

  • Your computer is running slow
  • Many unknown error messages are popping up on your PC
  • Constantly displaying ad-windows
  • Random PC reboots and blue screen errors

Tips for Virus Removal
Automatic Virus Removal –

  • The best and easiest method to remove virus from PC is to install and run potent antivirus software on your PC. Prior to installing a virus removal tool (antivirus program), make sure you have saved and shut down all the programs that are currently running on your computer. This is important because most of the antivirus software ask to reboot PC to disable complete function of Computer Virus.
  • Now scan your PC using virus scanning tool and remove the detected virus.
  • If you are finding, despite of installation antivirus software, your PC is getting infected. You must consider update of the software program. Updating of antivirus software helps you in getting the most impactful tool to curb virus issue on your PC.

Manual Virus Removal
However, automatic virus removal is very impactful for health of PC but if your want to remove all the malicious items from your PC, you may consider Manual Virus Removal.

  • To remove virus manually from your computer you can got to Start Manu> Control Panel> Add or Remove programs and then remove the suspicious program from the list.
  • You can do an online research to know about the types of files those are created by Trojans (viruses). Now you can search for the same files on your PC, if you find any, you can delete that manually.
  • To keep your PC running without any virus interruption, you must include deletion of unnecessary System Registry Entries on regular basis.

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