How To Remove Virus From An Infected Computer

Viruses are the worst enemies of a computer and virus removal is no easy task. They leave several adverse effects on a PC that can range from an uneven slow down to a severe system crash. Virus is a common term used for various types of malicious programs like worms, Trojan horse, spywares, malwares, adwares and many more.

In computing terms, a virus is a computer program code, which copies itself on a computer. It is a type of parasite, which utilizes the system resources to harm the system.

Let us highlight some of the steps to identify whether a PC is infected with a virus or not. These symptoms are known as “early signs of virus infections”. Mentioned below are some of the “early signs of virus infections”:

1. Sudden slow down in your computer speed and performance

2. Computer restarts again and again

3. Unexpected messages display on the computer screen

4. Programs automatically start on your computer

5. Computer freezes

6. Your important files get automatically deleted from desktop

While working on your computer, if you face any of such problems, there is possibility of virus infection. Just follow some basic steps that can save your system from severe crash. These symptoms are enlisted herewith:

1. You should first disconnect your computer from the Internet

2. Take backup of all your important data to any external storage medium

3. Install any antivirus software and completely scan your system. If any threat is detected then delete that threat, if your antivirus is capable of doing so.

You can use any best antivirus software, which is capable of easily removing viruses from your computer. The software market is flooded with several brands of antivirus software which are used for preventing, detecting and removing viruses and other types of infections from your PC like Norton, Avast, Trend Micro, and AVG antivirus. The antivirus software with automatic update feature can provide more enhanced protection against the security threats.

It is strongly recommended to install antivirus software on your computer to keep it safe from any type of malicious program like viruses, worms, malwares, spywares etc

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