How to remove Trojan win32?

Trojan.win32 is a stubborn Trojan, which once compromising a system will mess up the whole system. Trojan.win32 infects system files and web files everywhere, and as soon as computer users open the Internet Explorer, the website with Trojans will pop up and automatically load the Trojans into your system disk.  

How can we remove Trojan.win32? Please read the solution below :


Trojan.win32 makes use of Internet Explorer to open infected websites and download all kinds of variations of the Trojan. Before knowing them clearly, we should cut off the Internet connection. Then search the system for the file autorum.inf with the Resource Manager and delete it. And, find out and delete the startup programs and files related to the Trojan. If you can not delete them, please use Spyware Cease to do the forcible deletion.

Search the following startup items in the system Registry:





Please check whether the keys of these startup items contain strange names. Delete suspicious Registry keys, and then restart up your computer.

As Trojan.win32 infections can spread easily, if Trojan.win32 can not be fixed by the solution above, you can also use the Online Scan function of Spyware Cease. Spyware Cease will be able to check the number of infected files in your system, and remove all the infected files, so as to prevent Trojan.win32 from survival in the hard disk as a parasite. Many computer users may be puzzled that why Trojan.win32 still appears after they reinstall their systems. Actually, this is because the parasite Trojan.win32 in the executive file is also aroused while applications in the system begin to run. Therefore, if your system is severely infected, it is highly recommended to do a full scan over your system without network connection, and remove all the detected infections.

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