How To Remove Total Pc Defender 2010 – Uninstall Total Pc Defender Without Breaking A Sweat

If you’ve been infected recently with malware, then chances are while you’re ringing in the new year, your computer is counting down the seconds to serious danger and system instability. One of the newest, strongest pieces of spyware on the market right now is Total PC Defender 2010. It should be your number one priority to get rid of this badware from your computer before it spreads itself and causes problems such as stolen passwords, unstable operating system, and worst of all, identity theft.

This new virus is like its brethren in that it boots itself up every time you start your computer with a fake scan. The trojans that install this scamware will alter your system’s registry and block your programs from operating normally. You may be unable to start your task manager. This malicious software will attempt to trick you into parting with your hard-earned cash to purchase a ‘full version’. Don’t fall for it.

How did I get infected?

There is no surefire way to know how the initial trojan entered your system, but there is a good chance it was through a flash or video codec that may have made its way into your PC through a questionable website. Another possibility is if you’ve been downloading shareware or freeware. These kinds of programs can often be bundled with spyware.

How Do I Get Rid of Total PC Defender 2010 Right NOW?

It actually isn’t as difficult as it seems. If you want to go the manual removal way, it’s pretty involved, and involves adjusting the registry and deleting sensitive system files. Manual removal is dangerous because a single error can result in system failure.

For this reason and for the benefits of less headaches and future protection, I always for for automatic removal. I recommend that if you’re infected with this malware that you visit my resources at and download yourself a free scan to see exactly what you’re infected with and where it’s hiding.

Don’t waste another second! Protect yourself and your family, try a free scanner and delete this spyware, Total PC Defender 2010, as soon as you can.

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