How to Remove Plantar Warts – 3 Methods Discussed

Looking for the best way to remove warts, such as plantar warts, can be a daunting and frustrating task. The problem is: not every drug can get rid of warts (and keep them off) has a truly high success rate. In fact, some drugs that are very powerful, have a high rate of the wart returning.

So how do you exactly remove plantar warts? Here are 3 ways that may help:

Using Over the Counter Drugs to Remove Plantar Warts

This may be one of the easier methods to try because you can do this from our home. All you have to do is go to your local pharmacy and you can easily find a low cost and possibly effective medicine to remove warts. They contain salicylic acid, which has the potential to kill the virus that causes your plantar warts. However, the drug can be ineffective at times.

You have to be extremely careful when using over the counter wart removal methods. These types of plantar warts removal methods can be harsh on your skin. You must read all directions on the package before using. Also, the wart can come back after a few weeks because the OTC drug may not go deep enough into the skin to kill the virus.

Seek Medical Treatment

If over the counter methods are not an option for you, maybe a visit to your doctor to discuss what ways to remove your warts is a better option.

You’ll find that doctors have many methods to choose from. These methods include using acid to burn off the wart or going the opposite route to freezing the wart off using cryotherapy.

Using acids to burn the wart are one of the most common methods is physicians try. They apply a mild acid to the wart. When applied correctly, the viral cells are destroyed and they are replaced by normal healthy skin. Some times many applications are necessary to kill the virus.

Cryotherapy is when the doctor freezes the wart to the point where it falls off after a few days. This method works well on many parts of the body. However, it may be ineffective against plantar warts because they are very deep in the skin.

Use Natural Methods to Remove Plantar Warts

While these types of methods are not well known, you can actually remove plantar warts using natural methods. Most natural methods to remove warts are easy to use. You can even guarantee yourself 100 percent success rate in removing the wart and keeping it off.

Natural methods are great because you can try them methods in the privacy of your home. Finally, most natural methods will run deep enough to kill the virus in the plantar wart.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information in this article is not a substitute for specific medical advice. It is recommended you seek a physician for any medical advisement.

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