How to Remove Personal Security – Uninstall Personal Security, it Won’t Secure You!

Are you infected with Personal Security? This is more misleading fake antispyware software that loads your computer with alerts, popups, and fake system errors. To attempt to scare ou into thinking your computer is loaded with malware. It’s a strong, resistant spyware like its brothers Cyber Security and Total Security. It will try and trick you with a system scan and ask for you credit card. You have to delete Personal Security from your PC as soon as possible before it causes you serious headaches and stress.

Personal Security is spreading at a mind-numbing pace right now. It is a very smart piece of spyware due to the way it exploits security holes and infiltrates your system. You may see the message “Your System is Infected” on your desktop background, in taskbar messages, and pop-up warnings.

Does your system display any of these tell-tale signs? Take action right away:

* Annoyingly Delayed Operating Speeds

* Unfamiliar background graphic and program icons

* Annoying, never-ending pop-ups

* System errors, Registry errors

These issues mean your computer is infected, and needs the antidote before your personal files are gone. We are fairly certain that the offending program is Personal Security. OK, so how will we stop this headache?

First, you could try a manual removal. This involves inspecting your registry files in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER folder, and carefully deleting all registry files associated with this particular virus. You may find certain files strangely misnamed or with strangely larger file sizes. You would then follow deletion of these files with a deletion of all exe files associated with the virus, located in your program files folder. If you are a beginner, I stress that you take extreme caution attempting a manual removal! I only suggest IT professionals or big techie nerds like me make system edits, due to the problems that arise if one wrong file is deleted or renamed.

How To Remove This Virus Quickly and Easily: The simple way to remove this virus right away is an automatic deletion. I prefer Spyware Doctor, winner of PC Magazine’s 2010 Editor’s Choice Award. It’s straightforward to use which I like, and the customer support is great. It helps you get rid of Personal Security. I’ve never had any issues. It also protects against the next wave of viruses to hit the internet, which I feel is extremely important.

Are you ready to tell the hackers to find something better to do than steal your passwords? Get your Personal Security Removal right now!

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