How To Remove Digital Protection – Removal Instructions

In this the digital era – one may be accustomed to thinking that your PC system is at risk of serious security exploitation and damage. This is not too far from the truth. It is not yet safe for us computer users! There is a war to fight, and as the rogue security tools mount and grow daily, along with malware and infections of all sorts – one needs to be sure which application is on which side? The legitimate security side versus the rogue and dubious natured side?

Well, let me attempt to make that discernment a little easier for you.

Digital Protection is one of the many rogue and dubious applications, which is batting for the rogue team – and scoring many hits!

Digital Protection is the latest in scams! Pretending to be a legitimate spyware remover, this application has one primary objective: to coerce its victims into purchasing its licensed version.

Digital Protection doesn’t deviate much from the typical and widely practiced tactics of PC parasite infiltration. Just like its ‘parent’ rogueware, namely: Your Protection, User Protection and Dr. Guard; Digital Protection tends to use affiliated backdoor Trojan infections, or via a fake codec the user has installed onto their system.

Once inside the designated system, Digital Protection will obscurely create hundreds of fake malware entities in the infiltrated system. Once this is done, Digital Protection will then “detect” these dummy files and ensure the unsuspecting user, you, think it’s high time you removed all the reported malware.

Digital Protection malicious trialware usually runs each time you log onto Windows and will display its fake system scanner that claims to find a variety of corrupted dangerous files.

A fake pop-up alert message will appear, as soon as Digital Protection has been successfully installed on a system. The pop up may resemble the following:


A security threat detected on your computer! This malicious program may steal your private data. Click on the message to ensure the protection of your computer.

Harmful viruses detected on your computer. This malicious software may harm your computer. Click on the message to ensure the protection of your computer.

A security threat detected on your computer. TrojanASPX.JS.Win32. It strongly recommended to remove this threat right now. Click on the message to remove it.

Unauthorized person tries to steal your passwords and private information. Click on the message to prevent identity theft.

System files of your computer are damaged. Please, restart your system ASAP.

Warning! Virus threat detected!
Virus activity detected!

Trojan-Clicker.Win32 adware has been detected. This adware module advertises websites with explicit content. Be advised of such content being possibly illegal. Please click the button below to locate and remove this threat now.”

As a well-practiced tactic, Digital Protection will have you believe that in order to protect your Operating System against these “detections”, you will need to install Digital Protection’s full commercial version which demands payment.

Should you install Digital Protection licensed software, you will soon realize that it’s not only worthless in terms of malware removal, but it compromises any computer systems’ performance and will eventually slow down the computer considerably.

One should remove the Digital Protection rogue anti-spyware application as soon as it has been detected.

So, how would you know if your system has been infected with Digital Protection or not?

Well, this is simple enough.

Make use of a fully functional and operational antispyware application, to ensure your system is parasite free. Should you have the dubious application on your system, you will be able to remove it soonest.

Word to the wise: Digital Protection is a scam! Remember that if nothing else – and remove this tool ASAP!

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