How To Remove Derogatory Items From Credit Report

How to remove derogatory items from credit reports is a question that comes up at the table often. For many reasons most people have some sort of blemish on their credit. The most common I’ve seen and had on my report were little medical collections. Were talking about a fifty to two hundred dollar bill that was either not paid by the patient or the insurance. If its an oversight, as it was for me, for example. It can still be removed. If it was an insurance company that didn’t cover. It’s a hassle to have them cover the expense, yet the major damage to you is not the two hundred dollars,the problem is that you usually don’t find this out until you get a letter of collection. By then the damage to the credit is done. These are, unfortunately common occurrences that lag down a persons credit.

I used, maybe five different techniques to remove derogatory items from my credit report. Of course I wrote dispute letters, myself and sent those out. I had success with some accounts, most I just got received a denial to my request, after 30 days. Not knowing any better I left it at that. It wasn’t until I got a credit repair manual that I realized the different types of dispute letters you can put together.

Quickly, I realized that to remove derogatory items from my credit report a dispute letter has many different ways to be executed. Many times not directed at the bureaus themselves but the actual collection companies. What I did was question the validity of the companies ability to collect from me. The validity of the account. I questioned the company itself and them having the proper licensing in my state to collect from me. You would be amazed at how many of these collection companies don’t have the proper documentation for your file or your state to collect from you. This helped me remove many accounts that were bringing down my score.

To remove derogatory items from your credit report you have to play with their rules and challenge them using their own rules. I was successful with 75{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the derogatory accounts on my credit. I’m still working on the rest. With what I removed, I’ve raised my credit 150 points. Good information is the key. To maintain my credit now, I’ve learned how to manage my debt between credit accounts. Good luck with your efforts.

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