How To Rebuild Your Credit

If you have bad credit you are like millions of people who have blemishes on their credit report. Once you have negative items on your credit report you will realize just how bad credit can derail your life’s plans.

Although it seems like a difficult task, if you don’t rebuild your credit, your credit rating will remain the same for up to seven years, and making it hard to get loan, mortgages, credit cards, or do things that require a good credit history. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.

If you’ve messed up your credit, you don’t have to pay someone to fix it for you. You can rebuild it yourself.

Here are the steps to rebuilding your credit:

Order your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. You need to know what’s in your credit report.

When you get your report, carefully review it. Identify negative accounts and inaccuracies. If you feel that the information contained in your credit report is incorrect, you can dispute it. The credit bureaus are required to maintain correct information.

Write to the credit bureau that supplied the report, and tell them what information you believe is incorrect. The credit bureau must reinvestigate and remove the items if it finds that you are right, or if the items can no longer be verified.

If you do not agree with the results of the investigation, you can dispute directly with the creditor. If you do owe money, negotiate a settlement with the creditor.

After you have finished erasing negative items, it’s time to add positive credit information to your file.

One method to build positive credit information is to obtain a secured credit card. You will be required to open and maintain a security account at the bank that issues the card.

Another method to build credit history is to use a co-signer. Find someone who already has a good credit and is willing to co-sign on a loan for you.

Gas station and department store credit cards can help you rebuild your credit record. Always make payments on time. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.

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