How To Rebuild Lost Trust In A Relationship

When you head out to do grocery shopping, run errands, or travel for a business trip does your significant other ever have second thoughts about what you are actually doing?

Does he or she ever go through your emails or text messages? If you are in a good relationship currently, your answer to these questions is probably “no.” It is great, and it is important to preserve this treasure called trust, on both ends of the relationship.

Being trustworthy is something we take for granted, until we do something to lose that trust. We do not realize what a great feeling it is to be able to have our partners’ full trust and support in everything we do.

We do not feel the need to verify our day’s events, or surrender emails to our significant others. We can go about our day normally knowing that our significant other trusts us. We do not realize how important this trustworthiness is to the relationship until it is lost. As stated many a time before, trust is easily lost, and difficulty gained.

Once a person does something dishonest or hurts another person, the significant other’s trust may never return to its former level. Not only does this hurt the relationship, but it also affects you. In order to regain that trust you will have to modify all of your activities so that they can be seen as undoubtedly honest in the other’s sight. It is a painful, tedious process for both parties.

The one who lost the other’s trust will be forever proving him-/herself, and the other will be irreparably scarred. No matter how much better the situation may get, there will always be remnants of the pain present. Instead of living normally from day to day, be proactive by always being considerate of your significant other. Check in with him or her from time to time.

Give them prior notice if you must meet someone of the opposite sex in a private place. See how they feel about anything that may possibly come into question later. If there is anything that you would find suspicious were you in there position, bring it to their attention.

They will appreciate the gesture, and it will establish that no secrets are kept between you two. This way, trust is never lost. They will always be able to give you the benefit of the doubt. The relationship will be a happy and long one.

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