How To Rapidly Improve Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

Here are some ways to increase Alexa rank of your blog. Hope some will be helpful for your situation.

1. Install Alexa toolbar and set your blog as the home page. As you know, Alexa rank is determined on the basis of the information collected by the Alexa toolbar. Only the click of the visitor who has Alexa toolbar installed will be counted when he visits your website. As the webmaster of a personal website, the first thing you should do is to install the Alexa toolbar on your own browser and set your blog to be the home page so that every time you open IE, you make a little contribution to your own site for Alexa rank improvement.

2. Install Alexa toolbar on all computers you can touch. And set your blog as the home page. Encourage all people you know to install Alexa toolbar.

3. Put up a Alexa counter widget on your blog. When it is clicked, it will be counted as traffic by Alexa, even if the one who clicks it does not install the Alexa toolbar.

4. Write some articles about Alexa on your blog. You can even open a Alexa column. Many webmasters would like to see these things. If you write good articles, they are likely to republish or link to them, which also can bring you traffic and hence help to increase Alexa rank.

5. Go to where webmasters often visit and post the URL of your blog there. Generally, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. You may go to some webmaster forums to write posts promoting your blog.

6. Tell friends to vote for your blog on Alexa website. Though it is not sure how much this will benefit your blogs Alexa rank, it is better to have a good rating.

7. Write the columns that webmasters would be concerned about, such as an SEO column, to attract more webmasters to visit your site.

8. Use Alexa redirection function.

9. If possible, go to some foreign forums or websites to promote your blog, for foreign surfers often install the Alexa toolbar.

10. If you have sufficient funds, you may consider buying some pay-per-click ads for your blog. That can bring abundance of different IP addresses.

11. Add links to Alexa relevant content in your most popular articles on your blog, or use Alexa redirection to link to other places of your blog.

Apply these methods and watch your Alexa Rank improve! There are plenty more WordPress Themes related Articles Now Available on our website.

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