How to Prevent Spyware from Infecting Your PC

As we know, spyware continues to infect most of computers which are connected to the Internet. Also it can control or monitor your computer’s activities without your permission. How to protect our PC from be destroyed by the Spyware? I suggest following these spyware tips to prevent, detect and remove spyware before it damages your computer.

1. Use a good anti-spyware program for checking spyware. Nowadays, it has been a must to use an anti-spyware program. Once your computer is infected, it can put your privacy and personal information at risk by tracking your internet activity, stealing your passwords and credit card details, displaying annoying pop-ups, and altering important system files. To avoid such risk, you can automatically detect and remove spyware with useful anti-spyware software like Spyware Cleaner 2009.

2. Learn more about the spyware so that you can easily detect spyware’s behavior. Spyware can be installed on your computer without your knowledge. Your computer’s security can be at risk unless you are able to recognize, avoid and delete spyware.

3. Constantly check on the speed of your computer. A slow bandwidth can be a sign of unwanted software using your internet connection to execute harmful tasks. Make a free internet speed test to accurately measure bandwidth and works as a DSL speed test and cable modem speed test to help you find any troubleshoot and bandwidth issues. If the speed test shows that your computer’s speed is sluggish, you may be hit with spyware.

4. Visit only trusted sites. Stay away from questionable sites like pornography, gambling, or hacking sites. This is an important factor to protect your PC from being infected.

5. Update your definitions as frequently as possible. Anti-spyware definitions you be updated on a daily-basis if not at least weekly. Spyware is constantly releasing new harmful files that can infect your computer at any time.

6. Remove all unwanted programs from the ‘Start Up’ and ‘Add/Remove Application’ Menus. Learn how to delete unwanted software using the “Add/Remove Programs” utility so you can periodically remove anything that may have been missed and remove anything that you do not recognize or need.

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