How To Plan A Good, Yet Cheap Jamaica Vacation

Does the tough economy have you in a financial pinch? If so, you may be cutting back on your expenses. Yes, this is good, but there are some things you shouldn’t have to sacrifice, like your dream trip the island of Jamaica. Did you have your heart set of visiting the Caribbean this year? Don’t let the economy deter you. With a little bit of thought, careful consideration, and wise planning, you can have the trip of your dreams without breaking the bank. How?

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your travel plans. Yes, many all-inclusive Jamaica resorts do offer amazing last minute travel deals. These, however, are hit or miss. You may not find a travel deal for the hotel of your choice and you may not get the best accommodations. For example, if you want to upgrade from a resort room to a suite, do so in advance and not at the last minute. The only time you should wait until the last minute to book a Jamaica vacation is if your trip is truly a last minute trip.

Compare airlines and their costs. If traveling to Jamaica from the upper United States, you should have many connecting flights to choose from. If on a budget, choose the cheapest. Yes, you may have an hour or two layover, but think of the money you can save. Also, be flexible with travel dates. It costs less to fly in the middle of the week. It is very expensive to fly anywhere during the holidays. So, if you have flexibility when making your travel plans, try to save money. Experiment with different airlines, dates, and fly times. Choose the cheapest.

Examine all-inclusive resorts. Right about now, you may be thinking “but I am supposed to save money!” Yes, all-inclusive resorts are luxury resorts. With that said, remember your goal is to plan a good quality vacation, but one with a cheap price tag. The area you do not want to skimp on is with your overnight accommodations. You will spend a good percentage of your time at your hotel or resort, so make sure it is nice.

As for why you should examine all-inclusive Jamaica resorts, don’t let the large price tag automatically turn you away. This is one time when you will be excited to read the fine print. When doing so, you will see that the cost of your stay includes room, some forms of entertainment, food, drinks, and tips. Yes, it does cost more upfront to stay at an all-inclusive resort versus a hotel, but you get more in return. In fact, at the end of your trip if you were to total up the cost of your room, entertainment, food, drinks, and tips, you may have saved money by going with all-inclusive.

Choose your all-inclusive resort wisely. All-inclusive resorts are great. There is no doubting that. Regardless of which Jamaica resort you choose, you should walk away happy. Nevertheless, why not walk away more than happy? You should closely examine amenities, services, and facilities. This allows you to get the vacation of your dreams. Do you enjoy golf? If so, opt for a resort with an onsite golf course. Do you want to pamper yourself? If so, opt for a resort with an onsite spa, and so forth.

Make use of hotel and resort amenities. All-inclusive resorts are designed so that you never have to leave. You could spend your entire trip onsite and still have a good time. This is because there is so much for you to do, like golf, tennis, swimming, snorkeling, and more. What you need to remember is that you already paid to access many of these activities, so use them. If you spend your entire vacation off the resort, you are spending unnecessary money and wasting the money you did spend.

Look for cheap offsite attractions. Yes, you are wasting money if you do not get full use out of your all-inclusive Jamaica resort. Still, you may wish to venture out to explore the island. When doing so, look for activities and attractions that are free. If you must pay an admission fee, look for those with affordable rates. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on a trip to Jamaica.

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