How To Measure Improvement With A Home Fitness Routine

One of the biggest parts of a home fitness routine is being able to see the results. People want everything to work faster and select a ten minute trainer routine to get as much exercise as they can between schedule demands. Most importantly, they want to see an improvement as soon as they can. This gives them a chance to see return on their investment and keep their momentum going on their goal at becoming happier and healthier.

Several different methods can be used to discover and track progress of lengthy and compact home fitness routines:

Resting Heart Rate

The resting heart rate of those who are unhealthy or simply getting older is considerably higher than those who are younger or more physically fit. This higher rate puts a strain on the heart and body leading to several health issues. It is also a way for you to keep track of the quality and effectiveness of your home fitness routine. Whether you have a lengthy daily routine or are cramming with ten minute trainer routines, the idea is to strengthen your heart and get this rate as low as possible. Resting heart rate is also used to determine what your target heart rate will be.

The Fit Of Jewelry And Clothing

Regardless of whether you intentionally target specific areas in your home exercise program or not, your clothing and other personal items are going to start feeling as if they are too big. In fact, this is one of the first places most people notice the results of their hard work. If your clothes seem to have expanded and fit more loosely than before, chances are you have gotten smaller. One trick for mid-sections, is to wear pants that fit comfortably without elastic since stretchy waist bands often hides the results.

Size Of Trouble Spots

If you are aiming to reduce the size of your hips, stomach, or thighs, it’s a good idea to keep track of those areas specifically. Measure these areas of your body, follow your fitness program for a while, and measure them again. This will tell you if the exercises you are doing are targeting the areas you need to work on effectively. You will also be able to lose the fat and replace these regions with muscle.

Exertion Level

When you first start an exercise program, it feels a lot harder and requires more self-motivation than after you have been following the program for a while. This is particularly true of high-intensity programs designed to fit drastic results into a ten minute trainer routine. The workouts become easier because your fitness level is rising. This is also something to watch out for, however. If you notice the routine becomes easier, step up the intensity to maximize the effects of your chosen routine and keep your momentum going.

Standing on the scale is one of the worst ways to track your progress with a home fitness routine. Because you gain muscle mass as you lose fat, a decrease in weight generally occurs long after the other signs of physical fitness. Look for specific changes where it really matters and you will gain far more satisfaction than you would simply by looking at the numbers on the scale.

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