How to make your skin clear and radiant

How to make your skin beautiful clear and radiant .

To maintain your skin in a radiant and clear you need to follow following tips.

1. You should take good sleep in night; disturbed sleep is one of the reasons for loss of skin tone.

2. Before eating any thing in morning you should drink about one liter of water and wait till  it is removed out of your body through urine.

3. Avoid eating Junk food oily foods, food which is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

5. Walk in morning for about half hour.

6. Massaging gently your face skin with milk cream, helps to gain tone and beauty.

7.Do not use sunscreen lotions un necessary if you are fair , before choosing and cosmetic creams for your face , you should first use little bit of  it on your hand skin for five to six days , and observe results , if you find little irritation , then you should not use that cream .

Most of the fairness creams contain sun screen agents which are nothing but a chemical , so use it wisely.

A woman with age above 25 should take very precautions for using any cream or cosmetics on her face as the skin starts aging from this age.

8. If you like to use too much of cosmetics then it will harm your skin in later years, it may

9. The medicines too affect the skin texture and shine, you should not take any medicine of your own, you should consult your doctor about your health, avoid self medication.

 10. Water is best cosmetics I came across ever, if you can you should wash your face about four times a day only with water.

11. The soap that you use for cleaning your face skin should be neutral, if you have studied in school , about litmus paper  a blue litmus paper should not become red , after you add some drops of your soap dissolved in water.

Normally all soaps are alkaline , if you do litmus test to any body soap you will find a blue litmus turns in to red , there is a alkali in there which may damage your skin , texture , they extract oil fro your  beautiful skin and wash away (This is  a function of a soap)

So selecting a soap which is neutral to litmus test (Blue litmus should remain blue) is little bit choose thing and you should ask for that ,

There are some soaps which really are neutral, but are expensive

Cut it in to a piece and keep it as your face soap! (Best idea).

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