How To Make Up With Your Boyfriend – Amazing Tips To Win Him Back Fast

So you and your boyfriend had a falling out? Was it just a small argument or did he storm out of the relationship with the threat to never return again? Either way it’s devastating. Whenever there’s a problem between you and the man you love, your natural instinct as a woman is to try and fix it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always allow for that. If he’s told you that he needs some time and space to cool down and all you want is to be back in his arms again, you need a plan. You can actually get him back and deeper in love with you, but it takes a specific set of steps to make that happen.

Learning how to make up with your boyfriend may be a lot easier than you realize. The key to accomplishing this lofty goal is to show him that he can’t live without you. Now, you may have told him this a time or two already, but it’s not going to have the same affect as showing him. You’re going to play a little cat and mouse with him and your attention and affection is the bait.

Here’s the steps you need to follow when you’re trying to learn how to make up with your boyfriend:

Step Number 1: Apologize to him. Tell the man you’re sorry for what you did. If you can’t remember what you did, just say you’re sorry. Keep this very simple. Don’t make it into a mini-production number by bringing along tears or sobs, or any type of gift. Just a simple “I’m sorry” will suffice.

Step Number 2: Agree that you need some time apart. This is challenging but necessary if you want to make up with your man. Tell him that you see the value in taking some time away from one another to think about things. He won’t see this coming which is good. It will sting his pride a bit to not hear you begging him to reconsider. If you can do this without shedding a tear, pat yourself on the back.

Step Number 3: Disappear. This is by far the most difficult part of the process for almost every woman who wants her man back. Not talking to him is essential though in the big plan of getting him back. I’d suggest you take this time (typically a few weeks) to really recharge your “you” battery. Focus on pampering you and on doing the things you absolutely love. Indulge in your favorite pastimes and make yourself happy. Push your boyfriend to the farthest back corners of your mind. Don’t worry you haven’t heard the last of him. Once he senses that you’re not bluffing and that you’re not coming back to him, he’ll make it his mission to get you back.

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