How to Make a Resume – Resume-writing Tips to Attain Your Dream Job

Would you like to make the best impression on your prospective employers concerning your competence and how you would be suited for the job you are applying for?

Over and beyond the squeaky clean look, the impressive grades, and the equally stellar smile on your face, one thing that would help you snag that job would be that well-written resume.

Knowing how to make a resume, and making it persuasive, would be one skill that you cannot afford to leave out of your career-building arsenal. Your resume may well be your personal ad campaign packed in a few sheets of paper.

In knowing how to make a resume, you should not only know the format used in your state or country, but you should also know how to position yourself for the job.

Not that you would modify your skills and educational background on paper just so you would seem perfect for the job; rather, you have to be able to choose from your best skills and record them on your resume, in a manner that would best “sell” you for the job you are applying to.

In knowing how to make a resume, you have to:

1) Figure out your best skills, and emphasize them on your resume.
2) Showcase your educational background. Emphasize your awards and achievements. If you were able to join seminars and get extra training, indicate these on your resume.

3) Pinpoint your personal talents and interests, even your best character traits, and include these in the latter sections of your resume.

In going out for a job, employers would want to see your best skills and your educational background, plus any other additional training you may have been able to obtain.

Yet aside from that, if you also indicate your personal talents and interests, including your best character traits, you would also enable the recruitment officer or team to better decide whether you are best suited for the job.  They would know in which areas the company can best use your talents.

For expansion and promotion purposes, it would be easier to pinpoint you for certain tasks, or even a future, higher position.

In your career, the importance of knowing how to make a resume, and making it convincing, is paramount. Keep these principles in mind. Make sure that you go to your job interviews confident and self-possessed, and you will surely land your dream job!

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