How To Maintain a Healthy Heart And Prevent Heart Disease

The best way to maintain a healthy heart is to provide it with vitamins that contribute to the well-being of the whole cardiovascular system.  These nutrients need to be in your diet daily to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease.  

Heart healthy vitamins are the most researched and well-known of all vitamins.  These vitamins are specific to prevent heart disease and other diseases.  The most important of these vitamins to maintain heart health is the Vitamin B family.  Especially folic acid , Vitamin B6, and Vitamin 12 are need to help the body remove homocysteine from the blood.  Homocysteine is known to care artery damage.  Anitoxidants are substantances that remove toxic chemicals in the body.  It is this damage that is believed to cause heart disease, cancer and premature aging.  

There are many different heart vitamins & supplements that are needed to help you maintain a healthy heart.  The first is fish oil supplements.  Fish oils help to get rid of buildup in the heart making it work harder than it needs too.  Next, garlic supplements have been known to potentially help lower your cholesterol.  Vitamin E also helps to keep your blood pressure in check.  The B vitamins are used to manage stress levels but vitamin B3 has been proven to help to increase your good cholesterol levels.  

Taking grape seed extract is a natural remedy for cholesterol and is readily available.  Eating lots of nuts have been known to contain helpful chemicals that help you control your cholesterol levels.

Along with these vitamins and supplements you should maintain a routine exercise program and a good diet.  With out this all the vitamins and supplements won’t do much good.  

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