How to Lower Your California Auto Insurance Rates

If you want low cost California auto insurance, you should know that there are many factors that determine the overall cost that someone seeking coverage will pay.  If you want to pay the least amount possible for car insurance in California, you can do your best to qualify for as many discounts as possible.  Some are out of your control, but others can be affected by you.

The first things that alter the cost of California auto insurance that will be discussed are those that you cannot control.  First is your gender.  This is obviously a characteristic you are born with.  Males are charged more for car insurance, especially young males, because they are more prone to reckless driving.

Next is your age.  At a young age, you will be charged more because teen accidents are much more common.  As you pass milestone ages like 18, 21 and 25, your rates will decrease.  Then, with older age, higher rates are implemented again because very elderly people can have slow response times and be a danger on the road.

Now begins the list of aspects you have some control over.  If you have a clean driving record, your California auto insurance will cost less than if you have several citations.  If you do your best to be a safe driver by obeying the laws of the state, your insurance rates will be kept lower.

You also have control over the vehicle you drive.  The older or less expensive the car is, the more affordable insurance will be on it.  If you find car payments and insurance to be too costly, consider downgrading to a less expensive car to lower payments and California auto insurance premiums.

Where you live is another aspect of determining your California auto insurance rates.  While moving to a safer neighborhood simply to lower your insurance premiums may not be practical, there are many reasons to live in a safe place, and this is certainly one of them.  Congestion in the area you live is another factor that can raise insurance costs along with crime rates.

Look for discounts you may be eligible for.  Many people forget this part when comparing California auto insurance rates.  If you have a high GPA, there are good student discounts that may become available to you.  If you are married, your marital status may result in a discount.  Security systems on your car and driving fewer miles every year will result in insurance reductions as well.

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