How to Learn the Piano

If you have been asking yourself how to learn the piano, and you really want to be able to sit down and play, then rest assured; there are many different methods available to you. No matter what age you are, and no matter how much ability you think you have…or don’t have…there is a method that will help you to achieve your goal.

Unless you have a really good ear for music, it is best to learn how to read sheet music, starting with the simplest arrangements and working your way up as you improve. Unlike other instruments, which are played either in bass or treble clef, the piano plays both at once, with the left hand handling the bass clef and the right hand playing the treble clef.

If you have difficulty studying how to learn the piano on your own, you can hire a professional teacher, listen to CDs or watch DVDs that explain it to you, or watch videos that show you exactly what to do. Since learning to read sheet music is like learning another language, you might be wise to get some help with it. There are some wonderful online courses that you can sign up for.

Perhaps these tips on how to learn the piano will guide you:

  • Learn the names of the keys. The white ones are naturals and the black ones raise the sound a half-note to make it sound sharp, or lower it to make it sound flat.
  • Learn chords, which are several notes that are played simultaneously.
  • Practice scales, which are sequences of notes geared to teach fingering and build fluidity and strength in the fingers.
  • Pick sheet music, exercise books, and song books that show the fingering. Nothing is harder to do than to have to unlearn bad habits!
  • When you pick out your music books, start as a beginner, with few or no sharps and flats, a slow tempo, and easy and familiar tunes. Ask for help if you aren’t sure.
  • You need discipline, perseverance, and daily practice.

Whether you choose music lessons from a profession instructor, or decide to do it all on your own, there is plenty of help out there to guide you on how to learn the piano. Music stores, the library, teaching studios, and the Internet are all there to help you find the method that works best for you.

Now that you have some tips for learning how to play the piano, check out a system that guarantees success for beginners looking to get started.