How to Know It’s Time to Throw Away Your Makeup

Do not feel bad if you are one of those women who think that changing fashion and trends every three months is absurd. A lot of people feel the same way, especially now that the price of almost everything has risen astronomically. No one in her right mind, except probably the ultra rich, can religiously continue to change her wardrobe every quarter.

If you feel this way about fashion, you probably also despise the changing colors and fads of the makeup industry. The electric blue eye shadow that has been in vogue in January might already be a fashion faux pas in September. However, there might be some logical explanation behind these fashion transformations. For one thing, makeup does not last as long as bags, shoes and clothes. If you value your skin and safety, you need to understand that makeup has an expiry date just like other consumable items.

So when do you ditch your makeup? Here are a few tips that might help you decide:

Storage Is Very Important

Much like other commodities, the price of makeup is on the rise. Thus, it would only be wise to maximize the life of your makeup as much as you can. One way of making sure that your foundation, mascara or other cream-based stuff don’t go rancid or congeal prematurely, you need to store them in places that are cool and dark. Do not leave them out in the sunlight because some of the important ingredients, such as preservatives, could decay or break down.

Oxygen is also among the number one enemies of makeup. Thus, it would be best to keep the lids and caps of your beauty kits secured when not in use. Leaving them open would make oxidation faster.

Cream Vs. Powder

If you have a relatively smooth and blemish-free face and you really do not need to cover your face with tons of makeup everyday, it would be best to choose a powder-based makeup rather than a cream-based variety.  Powder-based foundation, concealer, blush or eye shadow usually lasts longer than its cream-based counterpart.

The rule of thumb is to throw out your cream makeup after one year. When it comes to foundations, however, the ones that have oil as a base can last about 18 months — far longer than the ones that are water-based. Powder varieties can last for 24 up to 36 months, depending on how you store and take care of them.

Mind The Smell And Texture

Since there is really no expiration date printed on the boxes or bottles of makeup, it would be quite tricky to know when to throw them. As a general rule, however, you need to toss your foundation and other beauty paraphernalia when it changes color, texture and smell. These changes usually mean that bacteria are starting to take up residence in your makeup.

Be Careful With Mascara

One of the makeup products that you need to take particular care of is the mascara. A lot of women have gotten eye infection from using bacteria-infested mascara and other eye products. First, you do not want to share mascara with other people. Sharing this particular makeup is a fast way to spread infection. Next, if you have an eye infection, you need to throw your old mascara as soon as possible. Lastly, mascara is usually only good for three months.

Effect Of Retinol

It is important to note that the effectiveness or the potency of Retinol in makeup usually lasts for only a month. However, do not ditch the makeup yet because you can still use them to cover your blemish, give you rosy checks, or brighten up your eyes for a few more months.

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