How to Keep Your Make-up Bag Filled Only With the Items You Really Need

Applying make-up doesn’t need to be a difficult, expensive or time consuming task.  If you follow a few simple tips, you can achieve a great look from a minimum of cosmetics, in a short space of time.

One factor often overlooked when talking about make-up is a good skin care routine.  For maximum benefit you should cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and evening without fail.  Leaving stale make-up on overnight can cause premature ageing.  During the day it is important to protect your face from the sun even in the winter.  If you want to save time, buy a moisturiser that contains an SPF of at least 15. If not apply a sun cream after you have moisturised.

Once you have a clean face, apply skin adjuster to areas that need attention, for example under the eyes with a neutral adjuster or red cheeks can be “calmed” with a mint adjuster.  Use a very small amount of concealer to cover any blemishes.  It may also be an idea to put an eye base on your eyelids to even up skin tone and moisturise this delicate area.

Now your face is ready for foundation.  For a natural look, it is important to choose a foundation as close to your skin colour as possible and apply with a damp sponge, paying particular attention to the middle part of your face around the nose area.  Set with loose powder and apply blusher on your cheeks.  Depending on the shape of your face, you can use blusher to make the most of your features. 

Next apply eyeliner in a colour that suits you, under your lash line from the outside in as far as roughly two thirds along, towards your nose.  Apply a light colour eye shadow to the whole of your eye lid and then accentuate the outside corner with a darker shade and blend. Apply mascara carefully in a suitable colour.

Finally apply a lip base to your lips to moisturise and give your lipstick more staying power, outline with a pencil and fill in with your favourite lipstick, ensuring it suits your colouring.

For the evening go a shade darker with the lips, eyes and blusher.

To summarise your make-up bag should contain: one foundation, one loose powder, skin adjuster, eye base, two eye pencils, four eye shadows, one mascara, two blushers, one lips base, one lip pencil and two lipsticks. 

Make sure the colours you use are suited to your colouring.  You do not need to try and match what you are wearingand it shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to apply your make-up.  If you find yourself short of time you can cut corners and still look great.  Apply  a tinted moisturiser, an eyeliner in a flattering colour, mascara and a sweep of lipstick or gloss and away you go, all in a matter of minutes. 

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