How to Keep Fit in the Office…out With the Exercise Bike and in With Golf Fitness!

Keeping fit in the confines of the office has moved on since the age of the exercise bike and rowing machine; and indoor golf practice has certainly become safer in recent years!

These days with golf becoming an increasingly important part of doing business, but time restraints on executives meaning they rarely find time to get to the gym let alone on the practice tee, combining golf and fitness is the way to go.

Being able to train indoors for those all important corporate golf tournaments offers a variety of benefits: it is time saving; weatherproof and private. Using golf practice as a form of fitness kills two birds with one stone by bringing the gym into the office and integrating an effective fitness regime with golf training.

By choosing a golf training aid that provides instant feedback on your swing, you will be able to sharpen your game in your own time and in the privacy of your office. By combining an indoor training aid with a golf fitness product, you can add the benefits of being able to hone stability, posture and balance.

A golf gym is the ideal way to limber up in between business meetings and prepare for those all-important corporate golf tournaments by instantly demonstrating any weaknesses in your shot and providing remedial fixes.

As well as keeping you fit and well practised, the golf gym concept also makes a fantastic corporate hospitality feature as an ice-breaking and weatherproof indoor golf competition.

Converting your office into a golf gym can provide health and fitness benefits, as well as helping you perfect your game so you shine at all those corporate golf events.

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