How to Install WordPress Plug-Ins

If you only installed WordPress and nothing else, you wouldn’t have a very good web site to offer your buyers. The strength of using WordPress as a platform lies in the many plug-ins you can install that make it a formidable platform. Plug-ins allow you to install features at the push of a button that generate traffic to your web site. The more traffic you can attract the more the site becomes valuable to your buyers. So, adding these plug-ins is very worthwhile, and they’re completely free!

To install a plug-in, all you have to do is download it to your computer. Then, using your FTP program, you will have to upload it to your host server. It will go in the:


After that you will log in to the admin area within your web site and activate it. It will turn green when it is activated.

Which Plug-Ins To Install

* Akismet
This plug-in will save you loads of time in moderating comments from people who only want to spam you with their web site URLs or shady offers. It automatically checks the posts for spam content and removes it from your comments awaiting moderation. Most bloggers have lots of trouble with spammers trying to get attention on their site, and this plug-in will keep them all out.

* All In One SEO Pack
This is one of the most valuable free plug-ins out there to help you optimize your blog. It makes adding keywords easy and straightforward and helps to attract massive traffic to your site.

* Google XML Sitemaps
This plug-in creates a site map of your site that you can submit to the Google search engine. This helps them to index your site and to figure out your ranking. But, even though it’s called the Google XML Sitemap, it doesn’t mean you can’t submit it to other major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Ask.

* PHPBayLite
Adding this plug-in allows you display eBay products on your site, or your eBay affiliate links. If you install this plug-in for affiliate sales, you will want to log into the admin area of your site afterwards and find the Options menu to select PHPBayLite.

* All In One AdSense and YPN
This plug-in will automatically insert the AdSense or YPN ads to your blog posts. If you were to do this manually it would take quite a bit of time, but this plug-in makes it automatic. Adsense, as discussed before, is a way to monetize your blog so that you make money when people click on the inserted ads. There are plenty more WordPress Help Articles Now Available on our website.

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