How to Get the Best Folding Treadmill

Are you looking for the best treadmill? Well, if you live in the city where you don’t have enough space, then a folding treadmill is the best for you. However, even if you have space in your apartment, why use it all on a treadmill especially if the room isn’t specifically meant for exercise? This article will help you know which treadmill is best for your exercises prior to purchase.

As you purchase a folding treadmill, consider the space it covers when folded and how easy it is to fold. Although folding treadmills had a bad reputation of being unstable in the past, that’s all but history now! Engineering and technical innovation have brought these tread mills to higher heights. Their capability is now comparable with other standard tread mills. You can find the best treadmill in $1000 to $2000 price range. When purchasing the best folding treadmill look for warranty, stability, weight capacity, price and folding ease.

Folding treadmills folds in numerous angles and can fit every house. There are those that fold vertically and those folding horizontally. If you need to move the treadmill when folded you can check the weight and instructions on how to move it. It’s very easy!

Advantages of a folding treadmill

– Takes less space

– Its maintenance is much easier

– It’s easier to move

What are the best folding treadmills?

1. Smooth 6.75

This is a new model treadmill designed for walking, running and jogging. It has a length of 60 with 3.0HP motor that is not noisy. It has a dual-stage soft drop making it easy to fold and store. It also has a deluxe system for iPods and mp3 player in a jack input. It’s not heavy making it easy to move around.

2. Xterra TR350

This is a popular treadmill and most especially to dedicated athletes. It contains 20x 58 running surface with a 2.5HP allowing you to jog, run and walk at a higher speed. Connections are situated on the handlebars along with audio players and speaker and a cooling fan. It also has a blue LCD comfort with six 2 user sets and a heart controlled program. You can reach up to 10kmph speed which is both challenging and motivating to you. It has a lifetime warranty on deck, flame and motor. It has a weight capacity of 325lbs and can be folded and stored if need arises.

3. Bowflex series 7

This equipment is light compared to other ones and its around 185 pounds. It has soft drop technology making folding and storage easier. It has a length of 83L x 35H. Its running surface is very long and its deck is very soft and contains a built on absorption and shock system. Its console has numerous awesome counters and quick function buttons for easy adjustment. It is light with strong design and a good warranty.

4. Sole F85

It has a lot of features that makes it the best for indoor exercise. This unit folds up to allow enough space for other activities.

When looking for the best folding treadmill, think of what you aim to achieve with it. Are you a professional runner? If you intend to give it more intense workout then you should go for an expensive one. However, they all come at favorable prices. With a folding treadmill you will achieve more than you expected, all at a pocket friendly price.

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