How to Get Rid of a Double Chin and Tighten Sagging Face Muscles

Got a double chin? Sagging cheeks? Here are unique double chin exercises and exercises for face muscles.

C. A. Sampson, an athlete and the author of “Strength,” discovered that the pressure of bands or straps tightly fastened around the arms during exercise speedily increased the size of the muscles. Experimenting, in my efforts to discover the reason why, I found that this pressure during the alternate contraction and relaxations of the muscles, produced a determination of the blood to that point and therefore a distention of the vessels. Consequently, an enlargement of the structure occurs, just as a sponge will enlarge when its cells are filled with water. Acting upon this idea I substituted the pressure of the palms of the hands for Sampson’s bands, and found that in this way the results were the same.

Exercise for Sagging Face Muscles

The muscles of the cheeks could be speedily enlarged by the following simple exercise, which I practice while lying on my back: Draw up both corners of the mouth towards the eyes, or in the position of an exaggerated smile. This will bunch up those supporting muscles on the upper part of the cheekbones immediately below the corners of the eyes. Now drop the chin to its utmost extent. This will place a further tension upon the cheek supporting muscles.

In this position, that is, keeping them bunched up, alternately open and close the jaws, at the same time steadily massage, or rub with the palms of the hands. This will infallibly enlarge them. The logical reason behind this statement is that the overlying skin and the well-supported tissue will give the cheeks the rounded appearance of earlier years.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin: The Double Chin Exercise

The muscles of the chin may be classed as involuntary and can only be developed by massage. But they usually respond more quickly to that process than the muscles that surround the eye.

Rest the chin upon the palms of your hands, press firmly and rub the underlying muscles vigorously. This is the same method for the muscles surrounding the eye, but requiring more pressure.

The position of the hands should be continually shifted. If continuous pressure is maintained upon any part without relaxation, development will be slow. Change positions, as I have suggested. If your chin was ever full and round in your younger years, that condition will be regained by persistent practice.

There will also be an increase in color of the cheeks and a generally improved and more youthful appearance. When I was 50, my cheeks and chin were sunken but now, at 72, they are full and rounded. This is the result of the persistent practice of the exercise I have described. It is proven not to cause lines on the face and will develop the supporting muscles of your cheeks.