How To Get Fit With Simple Water Aerobics Workouts

With summer continuously being a motivation for people to workout, water aerobics is a great way for people to workout while enjoying a beautiful summer day. There are several benefits to a water aerobics workout including being able to burn calories, build muscle and lose fat without breaking a sweat. There are several different aerobics workouts you can do in the pool, and the great thing is you do not have to take a class or spend too much on swimwear.

Besides from the fact that hitting the pool on a hot summer day is soothing, many people are hitting the pool for a water aerobics workout. One of the biggest benefits to an aerobic workout in the pool is it almost entirely eliminates any risk of injury. When you add the water buoyancy with the support it provides for your body, you have little risk of injuring joints, bones, or muscles. So how exactly are you getting a workout from standing in shoulder deep water you may wonder?

Despite the feel of a lighter workout, water aerobics present a challenge with the resistance level itself. Because of the increased density the water provides, waters resistance level is 12 times that of air. With the continuous movements and motions you make within your aerobic workout the swaying of the water makes your movements more difficult. This in turn burns calories and tones your muscles.

As mentioned earlier, you do not necessarily have to join a water aerobics class in order to get a good workout in the pool. There are several exercises you can do yourself to stay fit without paying for a class. Many of the aerobics workouts you do on land can be done in the pool as well. For instance, walking or running in the pool is a basic workout that will work all the muscles in your body. In order to get the full workout properly you want to make sure to have your entire foot touch the bottom of the pool.

Another great aerobic workout in the pool can be jumping jacks. This is an exercise that will allow you to work all the muscles in the body while staying relatively in the same spot. A couple other workouts worth mentioning is jumping in skiing motion back and forth, doing lunges in water that is chest deep or a little lower, and making a kick-boxing motion.

Another great thing about water aerobics is that there is no special attire required besides a swimsuit. The only other swimwear you may want to consider purchasing is goggles and/or aqua socks for better traction and to help prevent scraping your feet on the bottom of the pool.

There is no question whether you can get a good hard workout with water aerobics. As with aerobics on land, if you make the workout long enough you will feel the results and see them within a few weeks of continuous training.

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